paper rush

Paper Rush

Paper Rush is made from a high grade kraft paper. It is uniform in diameter and color and very durable. It is probably the strongest of all rush materials. Fiber rush has been around since early 1900's. It is used in chairs and wicker furniture. Paper rush is available kraft brown (about the color of a paper sack). It comes in approximatley 2lb and 30/40lb spools. It takes approximatley 2lbs of paper rush to weave a 14in X 14in chair.

Please be sure to buy enough paper rush to complete your job. As it is like paint each run is a little different in color.

2lb Coils Paper Rush
Size Kraft Brown Fiber Rush Order
4/32 $9.75 Out of Stock
5/32 $9.75
6/32 $9.75 Out of Stock
7/32 $9.75
30/40lb Spools Paper Rush


Size Kraft Brown Fiber Rush Order
4/32 $100.99
5/32 $100.99
6/32 $100.99