chair caning kit

Chair Caning Kits

Our chair caning kits are available with 250, 500, & 1000ft coils of cane. All of our chair cane kits come with 24 pegs, binder cane and an instruction booklet.

If this is your first attempt to re-cane a chair and the hole sizes overlap, I would suggest going with the smaller size of cane. If you have any questions or need help please give us a call.

A 250ft chair caning kit will do approximatley one chair seat with 70 drilled holes, a 500ft chair caning kit will do about 2 seats and a 1000ft chair caning kit will do approximatley 4 seats with 70 drilled holes.

Please be aware that the 1.50mm & 1.75mm are usally only used in backs and baskets.

To determine the size of cane needed CLICK HERE

Chair Caning Kits
Cane Size 250ft Coil Order 500ft Coil Order 1000ft Coil Order
1.50 Kit N/A N/A $21.75
1.75 Kit N/A N/A $22.05
2.00 Kit $15.27
2.25 Kit $18.43
2.50 Kit $20.01
2.75 Kit $20.81
3.00 Kit $21.23
3.50 Kit $23.36