chair cane

Chair Caning Supplies

Chair caning encompesses all types of seat weaving. Included are hand caning where you weave each individual chair cane strand through holes drilled in the frame. Machined cane or cane webbing which is already woven and is held in the frame by glue and spline. Close woven caning which may be done with binder cane, flat reed, oak or hickory splints. Typical examples of close woven caning include porch rockers with herringbone or basket pattern. Also included is rush seating, available in paper rush, pretwisted rush which is usally sea grass and your natural rush cattails or bulrush. Other areas of seat weaving are Danish cords, rope, leather and willow.

Basket Weaving Supplies

"Basketmaking is one of the oldest skills in the world, pre-dating pottery and weaving. As soon as people became aware of the need for a container, they would have used whatever natural materials were available. " Oliva Elton Barrat "Basket Making" 1990.

Have you ever had a desire for basket weaving? it is not as difficult as you think. Basket weaving is an enjoyable craft. If you are a beginner start with the Market Basket Kit. What ever level of basket weaving you are at we have plenty of basket supplies to meet your need. We carry a good stock of basket weaving supplies. If you do not see what you are looking for call us and we will try to locate it for you.

Seat Weaving & Upolstery Schools Eliot School of Fine & Apllied Arts

We get calls from all over the United States for information on local Chair Caners, Upolsterers and Basket weavers. If you do this type of work and would like to be listed e-mail me your Name, address and Phone number and I will put it on the classified page. If you are looking for some one in your area that does chair caning, upholstery or basket weaving click here for listing by state